Congratulations to Richard Alford for winning at the Ultimate Benchrest 200 & 300 yards Nationals 2023 (USA)!

Posted 09/13/2023

UBR (Ultimate Benchrest) 200 and 300 yards Nationals 2023 was held at Buck Creek Gun Range, Kentucky, USA. At this Nationals, March Scope Owner, Richard Alford, won the unlimited class and also set a new record. Congratulations Richard!

Below is the comment we received from Richard.

“I knew if I found the right scope I would win the 200/300 Nationals. That very scope happened to be the March 10-60×56 High Master. It excelled in clarity and focus. I heard on the firing line “I can’t see for mirage”. However I never lost sight of the targets during the relays. My March scope won the match! Thank you for a great product!!!
Richard Alford”

Thank you Richard for your kind words and we hope that you will continue to enjoy shooting with our scope:)


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