Testimonial from the Current World F Class (Open) Champion, Bernard Engelbrecht (SA)!

Posted 10/12/2023

We received a nice testimonial from the Current World F Class (Open) champion, Bernard Engelbrecht (South Africa)! We are very pleased you like our new March 8-80×56 High Master Majesta Scope Bernard. From everyone at March Scopes, we would like to thank you for purchasing our product and we are confident you will put it to very good use!

Below is Bernard’s comment.
“Today I went to the range to test my new March Majesta scope for the first time and boy oh boy did it deliver. It blew my feet out from under me, I am completely overwhelmed with my new March Majesta Scope from March Scopes Europe. Once I had it zeroed it was unstoppable. So precise it can be claimed to be perfect . If perfection was a image it would be the March Majesta. What a beast of a Rifle scope for F-Class shooting, the best I ever used.”

According to Bernard, this a 3shots group with Blake Barrel And Rifle Barrel. It is impressive!


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