Congratulations to Shiloh Plue for becoming the 2023 United States Junior Long Range Champion using the March 8-80×56 MAJESTA High Master Scope!

Posted 11/09/2023

Wow, what a spectacular achievement! Shiloh Plue takes High Junior at the US F Class Nationals using the March 8-80×56 MAJESTA High Master. Many congratulations and thank you for choosing March Scopes!


Below is a repost from Shiloh’s father, Josh Plue

“Shiloh Plue is the 2023 United States Junior Long Range Champion. Such a proud dad. Less than 5 months into shooting Fclass and only 2 months after her first competition at 1000 yards she shot 1543/1600 on her first trip to Ben Avery in Phoenix.
It was a tremendous conclusion to 2023 and she is excited to work even harder to improve in 2024.
We are so blessed to have been helped and coached to get to this place. Mark Walker and Rick Jensen thank you for all your help and your faith in Shiloh to be added to the U-25 US team. Dan Bramley I can’t thank you enough for all your support and your tuner was an absolute difference maker traveling from Indiana to Phoenix and keeping those rifles shooting tight. Norman Tracy Harrold your support and mentorship has meant so much to Shiloh and grown her confidence exponentially. Brian Nettesheim at Infringed Rifles LLC has taken so many calls and been so generous with his time to keep these 284s hammering. Special thank you to Brian Harder who lent Shiloh his own VortexOptics razor spotting scope to Shiloh for the whole competition. It is an amazing piece of equipment. She would not have done this well without it! Thank you to Shawn Agne Ralph M. Lopez John Allen Scott Lake and everyone at Central Indiana High Power Rifle Shooters who has helped us both learn and grow. Ian Kelbly thank you again for your personal help and amazing service. I’m certain I’m forgetting so many people who has been incredibly supportive and gracious to us. We are blessed to have you all in our lives. Thanks you most of all to my wife Amanda who has supported Shiloh in all of this and made so many sacrifices to keep the family well cared for while we are on the road.






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