DEON is closed on May 3rd – 6th due to Golden week national holidays

Posted 04/18/2024

DEON is closed on May 3rd – 6th due to Golden week consists of four national holidays. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will reply to your emails once we are back. Thank you for your understanding.


May 3rd is a Constitution Day in honor of the 1947 Constitution of Japan, the new fundamental law for post-World War II Japan. The day is used to remember Japan’s history and to learn more about the government. May 4th is Greenery Day to celebrate the outdoors, originally established for Emperor Showa’s love of nature. Normally the day is synonymous with free entry to many parks and gardens. May 5th is Children’s Day and Boys’ Festival (Tango no Sekku), when families wish for a prosperous future for their sons. Girls’ Day (Hinamatsuri) is celebrated on March 3rd, when families celebrate their young daughters and display traditional Hina dolls that represent the Imperial Family. 



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