Congratulations to 4 March Scope owners at the Southern Hunters Field Target Series (UK)!

Posted 04/18/2024

We are pleased to hear that 4 March Scope owners had great shooting results at the Southern Hunters Field Target Series in the UK. They all shot with the March Compact 1-10×24 SFP Scope.

Mark Rackley (left in the picture) won the Veteran Class in the southern hunters series.


Neil Palmer (left in the picture with black jacket) won the Open Class Series.

Aaron Friend (right in the picture with blue jacket) won the final round in the Open Class. Aaron’s kit and card almost the perfect HFT round.

Howard Kalish (left in the picture) finished 7th overall in SHS Series.


We received a comment from Aaron. “You produce an outstanding glass. Thank you once again for your continuous support and fantastic products.” Thank you for your kind support and please keep up the great shooting:)
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