Congratulations Alix & Benjamin Gineste for placing third at King of 2 miles in France with March Genesis 4-40×52 Scope!

Posted 04/30/2024

Incredible news from the King of 2 Miles in France! Alix Gineste, along with her husband and spotter, Benjamin Gineste, have secured 3rd place in the #KO2M 2024. Alix led in top position during qualification but faced adverse conditions in the final, ultimately landing in 3rd – still a very impressive feat! Congratulations Alix and Benjamin Gineste!
Alix used a 375 Cheytac built by Bruno Put at Armeca, on a BAT Machine Company EXS Action with McMillan Beast 2 Stock and 36” KP Barrel, paired with her trusted March Genesis 4-40×52 FFP Scope to conquer distances beyond 2 miles.

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