DEON is launching a new 5-42×56 Genll with writable turrets with the new FML-WBR reticle specially designed for PRS/NRL competitions this summer!

Posted 05/07/2024

March-FX 5-42x56mm FFP has the widest 26°eyepiece among all March Scopes (30% more than our standard models, which is about 160% increase in area) offering enhanced FOV throughout the 8. 4x magnification range. It is suitable for long range shooting with ample elevation travel amount of 40MIL/130MOA. High Master Lens system with 2 Super ED lenses and the Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System are assembled in the 5-42×56 scope. For the Generation ll of the popular 5-42x56mm scope, the image quality has been further refined especially near the maximum elevation amount. 


At the Shot Show 2024 @ USA and IWA 2024 @Germany, we announced the launch of the new March-FX 5-42×56 High Master Genll Scope. We have upgraded the lever locking turrets of the elevation & windage to the latest shuriken locking turrets and enhanced the image quality near the maximum elevation travel amount as mentioned above. Side focus turret also has a locking feature the same as the Genl. This illuminated model is available in both MIL and MOA.

After these two exhibitions, we decided to launch a new MIL model D42HV56WFML-G2 for the 5-42x56Genll which is specially designed for PRS/NRL competitive shooters. Writable elevation, windage and side focus turrets are assembled so shooters can write and erase numbers on the turrets with pens used for whiteboards. (*Picture of the scope below is a concept model. There may be slight changes in the production model.) For a custom fee, when placing a new order, we can replace the shuriken lock turrets to writable turrets and vice versa. Zero set is easy to use. We removed the locking feature, which was designed for the 5-42×56 Genll, from the elevation and windage turrets of this new model at the request of some of the PRS shooters. Locking feature remains in the side focus turret.

— The NEW FML-WBR reticle specially designed for PRS/NRL style shooting competitions —

The new FML-WBR reticle offered in the March-FX 5-42X56 High Master Genll, was designed by Brandon Rudge (US) specifically for PRS/NRL style shooting competitions with simplicity and speed in mind. This reticle is the culmination of countless hours of PRS shooting with various scopes and reticle options on the market. Brandon used past experiences to design and bring to life this reticle to take advantage of the huge FOV (Field Of View of 26°) and high magnification range of DEON’s March-FX 5-42X56 riflescope.


The FML-WBR reticle was designed to provide the shooter with everything they need to be effective in PRS/NRL competition, and nothing that might hinder the ability to take advantage of the optical system and the March-FX 5-42-56 HM Gen II’s amazing field of view. The FML-WBR is a combination of many hours of shooting behind various reticle options on the market and taking all the things Brandon learned and offering something that solves the issues he has faced as a PRS shooter at the national level.

Design concept of the new FML-WBR reticle
Brandon wanted to bring to life a reticle that he felt best reflected the needs of the PRS shooter based on his experience with some of the top reticle options available. The idea was to improve upon the status quo within the industry, and bring some things he felt were missing from other offerings. There are many things he wanted to achieve with a different approach from what other companies had taken.

Brandon wanted the reticle to be a .2 MIL standard offering with a .5 MIL indication available but without adding an additional line in the reticle so as to limit clutter in the wide-angle view of the March-FX 5-42X56. This led to an open dot design at each .5 MIL mark that allowed the .2 Mil indications to be used in an alternating sequence, which enables the shooter to rapidly orient themselves on the reticle, without having to count the .2 MIL indications on the bottom side of the horizontal stadia of traditional designs which offer a .5 MIL indication.

During the use of other reticles on the market Brandon found that line thickness and center dot size relationships mattered and could make or break the reticle. Too small and users would struggle to use the reticle when the magnification needed to go down for movers or to increase FOV, too large and the lines would hinder the shooter’s view at higher magnification for longer distance troop lines and load development. The chosen line thickness and dot size were designed to be usable in both situations without illumination. Therefore, this is a non-illuminated reticle for optimal line thickness (illuminated lines are thicker).


Brandon found that most shooters preferred no vertical stadia on the top side of the reticle and as a result this was excluded from the design, as many others in the market have done. 

He also found that he very rarely used the tree, but always felt it hindered the shooter’s ability to clearly see impact location on targets. As result the reticle was designed without a tree, and this allows an unobstructed view of impact points and targets. Brandon found that he had never used the tree in the fashion they were designed. For example, he would never hold targets down the tree and in open space for windage. The risk of not having an accurate hold was simply too great and as a result he would dial the elevation to suit his targeting needs.


Additionally unprecedented FOV, magnification range, image clarity/image quality was also a driver in this reticle design. So not only was the reticle designed based on past experiences of existing rifle scopes and reticles, but it was also designed with the perspective that with the new 5-42x56Genll, future PRS/NRL shooters are going to leverage the enhanced Magnification/FOV as the stage/conditions warrant, in order to gain greater target impact image resolution and awareness, acquire target(s) faster, and ultimately shoot with more certainty in time compressed scenarios.


We are planning to launch this new model this summer! We will keep you updated with new information. We greatly thank you for your continued support.

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