Top 3 Shooters in both F Open & FTR at the GB National F Class League Round 2 (UK) were using March Scopes!

Posted 05/14/2024

What a weekend for March Scopes at the GB National F Class League Round 2 in Diggle Ranges, England! Despite the notorious conditions, competitors were treated to excellent weather, albeit with biblical winds challenging even the best shooters.
We’re proud to announce that the Top 3 Shooters in both F Open and FTR categories were using March Scopes:
F Open:
1st Place – Paul Harkins
2nd Place – David Lloyd
3rd Place – Lance Vinall
1st Place – Mike Harris
2nd Place – Asad Wahid
3rd Place – Simon West

Paul, Mike, Asad, David, Lance, and Simon all relied on March Scopes to achieve their remarkable success. Paul, Mike, David, and Asad utilised the March X 10-60×56 High Master, while Lance opted for the March X 8-80×56, and Simon trusted the March 10-60×52.
Moreover, competitors using March Scopes secured an impressive 15 out of 18 stage and aggregate medals in F Open and 12 out of 18 in FTR.
Congratulations to all competitors, and thank you for choosing March Scopes! Here’s to many more victories ahead!

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