Suggested Scopes & Reticles from Manufacturer’s perspective – March Scope’s quest for Top Quality

Posted 09/05/2019

March Scopes are 100% Hand Built in Japan by Craftsmen with over 40 years of experience.
Each scope contains more than 150 parts which are all made in Japan.
All the components must be hand fitted and checked as well.

This is not a problem for the expert engineers at Deon Optical with more than 4 decades of experience.
Each scope is designed and built to meet the rigors of hunting and tactical needs.  

Whether hunting or in competition, recoil dominates our shooting sport.

The repeated shock of recoil, sometimes up to 1000 times the force of gravity, will break poorly assembled equipment. 

March Rifle Scopes are built to cope with repeated recoil.

They  have been hand assembled by our skilled craftsmen and inspected 20 times before it leaves our factory.

This attention to detail means March Rifle Scopes will provide superior performance in the severest of weather conditions.

Also please note that there is no difference in durability between scopes with different magnifications and prices.


The link to the Excel sheet below is the “Suggested Scopes & Reticles by purposes” from the manufacturer’s point of view.

We hope that this sheet will assist you in finding the scope easier meeting your needs.

Please bear in mind that this is based on the manufacturer’s subjective view and there may be other areas that our scope is suited.


Click HERE to see conformity list for reticles & scopes by purposes


Edited by : Mari Morita

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