GBFCA European F Class Championships @ Bisley has concluded

Posted 09/09/2019

GBFCA European F Class Championships which is the largest international F Class competition in the world has just concluded.


Source of reference: Facebook NRA of the UK


March Scopes Europe was the sole sponsor of this F Class European Championships 2019.



DEON – manufacturer of March Scopes manufactured special trophies for this Championships

coloring the actual scope body in the lacquer like red.

The ornament on the top of the scope trophy is a traditional “Mizuhiki Decoration” an ancient Japan’s applied art

of tying various knots of special cords for ceremonies.




Ulrich Kwade (Germany, Age 79) won the European F class Championships with his March High Master 10-60×56 scope.




Managing Director of  March Scopes Europe Gary Costello won 4 medals
and his team won double gold beating the National team scores.


Gary’s dog “Bonnie” is March’s mascot puppy. Look at her harness!



Good shooting boys and girls!

See you all next year! 



Edited by : Mari Morita

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