From the March Scope Service Center (2) : Inquiry from our customer that the parallax can’t be adujusted

Posted 10/10/2019

We received an inquiry from one of our customers that the parallax could not be properly adjusted

and that the scope did not maintain the setting even at a close distance.


(1) First, we checked the scope using a collimator.

The result demonstrated a good performance.

Then the scope was overhauled to be checked if it had any defects or looseness, and no defects had been detected.




(2) However, we have noticed some concerns.
The eyepiece was screwed in all the way back to the innermost as shown in photo A.

It was set at –2.5 diopter.

This should be fine for shooters with very near sight without glasses.

If not, parallax would be caused.


Now as you can see the white line in the photo B, we have reset the diopter to  –0.5 diopter.

You can set the eyepiece around this factory setting if you have good eyesight.

The eyepiece should be set to the best position for the shooter.


(3) There was another issue we have found.

There were scuffs made by mount rings just only on the right and left side of the scope as shown in photo C.


The scuffs were most likely made because the scope had been pushed only on there without equal pressure on the whole body tube.

If the mount ring doesn’t fit properly, not only will the scope move by the recoil but it will also be in danger of deformation.



(4) When we opened the focus component we found a pin inside the focus component to be bent.
This prevented the focus turret to freely rotate.

As the mount rings were lapped too tight, the body tube had been deformed

to the extent that the internal pin was bent inside the focus component. 


It is highly recommended to lap mount ring with proper tools to make it accurately fit the scope.




Edited by : Mari Morita

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