March will reveal 2 new and 2 updated Rifle scopes in January at SHOT Show 2020

Posted 12/11/2019

Deon (manufacturer of March Scopes) will be showing 4 new/updated rifle scopes at SHOT Show 2020. 

Two of these scopes are now in production; the 5-42X56 FFP High Master Wide Angle and the 4-40X52 FFP GENESIS.

The other two are concept models of upcoming scopes; a 1.5-15X42 SFP Compact and a 4.5-28X52 FFP High Master Wide Angle.



New Production Model  –  ① 5-42x56mm FFP High Master Wide Angle 

This is a scope developed for the serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters

who demand the utmost in optical and mechanical performance from their rifle scopes.

This rifle scope has at its heart the High Master lens system, which provides the highest level of optical quality.


The March 5-42X56 FFP High Master-Wide Angle has a total adjustment range of 40MIL,

which is eminently suitable for ELR shooting, without the need for a canted rail.

The eyepiece is the new March Wide Angle model that provides a greater field of view throughout the 8.4X zoom range.

The reticle is a first focal plane (FFP) design intended for competition

with precise holdovers without overpowering the sight picture.


We are currently manufacturing the production model and will be performing final acceptance tests this month.

We will update the website once it is finalized.

(Image below may change for production model.)




New Production Model  –  ② 4-40x52mm FFP GENESIS 

This GENESIS rifle scope has an elevation adjustment range of 86MIL, with 72MIL Up and 14MIL Down.

The GENESIS’ gimble system controls the movement of the inner scope tube –

removing both the spring fatigue and optical degradation other manufacturers have yet to overcome.


The GENESIS rifle scope always provides the best optical path and

keeps the aiming point optically centered since the entire scope tube moves as the knobs are turned.

With such a large built-in adjustment range, there is no need for additional, bulky and expensive additions for mounting the scope;

the GENESIS is a complete system, out of the box.


We have now finalized the design of this scope and it is ready for production.

Watch this space for upcoming detailed specifications.





New Concept Model  –  ① 1.5-15x42mm SFP Compact  

Hunters and tactical competitors need optics that perform under the harshest of conditions.

The March 1.5-15X42 SFP Compact rifle scope delivers high optical performance in a light and compact package.

From close-up scenarios in thick forests to long range shots on the open plain,

the 10X zoom ratio of this rifle scope delivers for the hunter or the tactical competitor.


This versatile March 1.5-15X42 SFP Compact is the ideal choice for those who have wide ranging optical requirements.

The March 1.5-15X42 SFP Compact scope will be right at home on top of the best rifles

with its compact design, and lightweight yet rugged construction.




New Concept Model  –  ② 4.5-28x52mm FFP High Master Wide Angle

This March FX 4.5-28X52 FFP High Master-Wide Angle rifle scope

is built around the competition proven High Master lens system.  

It is a light and short rifle scope designed for fast practical shooting.

One you have used this rifle scope, the future of practical shooting will become clear.




We invite you to come take a look at our new March rifle scopes at SHOT Show 2020!

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Corporate name : March Scopes



Written by : Mari Morita


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