New March Scopes Unswerving Warranty 2020 – Extension in warranty period

Posted 01/09/2020

At one time or another, every competition shooter has experienced equipment failure.

You are at a competition and suddenly shots aren’t going where you expect.

In the past, the scope was the first item blamed.

But, after many years of competition around the world, and across many disciplines,

champion shooters understand high quality modern rifle scopes now rarely fail.

The DEON factory in Japan has inspected and tested many scopes returned by concerned customers

and we are proud to say that the design and manufacturing techniques do work.

Because bullet holes are a visual thing, the scope is often the first thing to blame

so owners lose confidence in their optical equipment when the shots do not go where they think they should.

However, before blaming a single piece component, it is important to work through a checklist of possible problems.

It is often a combination of issues causing the problem and this can make an accurate diagnosis difficult.


At DEON, we understand the accuracy game is all about confidence.

To get that confidence, and then keep it, competitive shooters need to understand

and pay close attention to every single step in the accuracy process.

Doing this builds the solid foundation needed required to identify and fix any errors before they become serious problems.

But DEON understand that scopes may sometimes fail.


Should any scope problems happen, March owners can send their scope back

to the factory where DEON will test, dismantle, reassemble and re-test the scope.

DEON will also provide a report on what they find.

If a manufacturing problem caused the defect,

DEON will repair the scope for no additional cost to the owner – even after the Warranty has expired.


From January 2020, to meet the expectations of our expanding global sales network,

DEON has decided to extend the March Scopes Warranty period from a standard 5 years to 10 years.


With an extra 5 years peace of mind, March owners can feel confident

their valuable optical equipment will be looked after, not only now, but also into the future.

Scopes purchased previous to this will also enjoy the new warranty term.



March Scopes Unswerving Warranty 2020

March Scopes are 100% Hand Built in Japan by Craftsmen with over 40 years of experience.

Each Scope contains more than 150 parts which are all made in Japan with absolute precision and quality.

The Scope you purchase will have been inspected twenty times by our expert craftsmen,

including recoil test up to one thousand times the force of gravity before it leaves our factory.

We are proud of our quality; March Scopes are virtually repair-free.

Nevertheless, should you require any maintenance or servicing,

March Service Center with highly skilled engineers will be happy to assist you.

As of Jan 2020, scopes purchased previous to this will also enjoy the new warranty term.


(A) Warranty Terms

– No warranty card needed

– No receipt required

– No need for registration

– Warranty is automatically and fully transferable to future owners of the Scope

If a manufacturing problem caused the defect,

DEON will repair the scope for no additional cost to the owner even after the Warranty has expired.

(all cases determined by the Manufacturer)


Warranty is 10 years beginning on the date the Scope is manufactured, managed by the serial number on the Scope.

Electronic components are covered by a 2-year warranty from the date of manufacturing.

Upon presentation of a receipt the warranty period may be extended to cover the full warranty period,

beginning on the original purchase date of the Scope.


(B) Warranty Content

1) If the repair is a Warranty case (all cases determined by the Manufacturer) :

If the Scope has a manufacturing defect or has been damaged through appropriate use as per manufacturer’s instructions,

March Service Center will carry out a warranty repair at no charge.

In the event that the range of products is changed,

we reserve the right to repair defective instruments or to replace them with those of equal value.


2) If the repair is not subject to the Warranty (all cases determined by the Manufacturer) :

You will receive a cost estimate for the service/repair by e-mail from March Service Center.

No repairs will be performed until we have authorization.


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