Comment by Ling Xu (USA) – Champion of DMR and Gas Gun 2 Day Match 2019 shooting with 3-24X42 March Scope

Posted 01/14/2020

Congratulations to Ling Xu who won the DMR (Designated Marksman Riflematches) 2019

as well as the Peacemaker Gas Gun Championship 2 Day Match with his 3-24X42 March Scope.


He has kindly sent us a comment.


“A number of us are using March scopes to great success in DMR

(Designated Marksman Riflematches), essentially a semi-auto precision rifle, in the PA area.

One of the series is the Geissele Gas Gun and pretty much every match shot in DMR class last year was won with a 3-24X42.

I myself won the DMR class in a PRS club series this year,

as well as the Peacemaker gas gun championship 2 day match with my 3-24X42.


March scopes are very popular on gas guns.

Competitions have stages that are very similar to PRS matches,
although some of them incorporate a time and speed element as well. 

My 3-24X42 has the FML-1 reticle.
I actually appreciate the thickness of this reticle, because speed matters more
in DMR than PRS and I tend to use lower magnifications.
My rifle is an AR-15 I built myself.
I use handloaded ammunition that I also load myself.

Picture below ▼ AR-15 with the 3-24X42 and this year’s trophy.

I have shot maybe 25 matches with the March on this rifle and have done very well
with it, including several individual and series wins.
I know two other people that use the same scope and are also very happy with it. 

I also have a 3-24X52 that I use on an AR-10.
I am considering competing with it in the larger PRS matches this year. “

Picture below ▼ AR-10 with the 3-24X52

Thanks Ling, we will be cheering for you !
Below is 3-24×42 March scope Ling uses in competitions.




Below is the FML- 1 reticle Ling was referring to.



Posted by : Mari Morita

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