Relax at your home watching March Scopes’ videos ;)

Posted 03/18/2020

Corona virus is still affecting us in many ways and

March Scopes express our deepest sympathies to those who are suffering.


In many countries, we are now required to stay at home.

I myself am stuck with my kids at home for 6 weeks as they can’t go to school.


I have posted some March Scopes’ related videos on our website.



Many videos are contributed by Tristan Wright (Precision rifle reviews) who is our Australian dealer. 

Click Tristan’s name above to see his interview.


If your kids want to watch cartoons, tell them “Let’s watch March Scopes’ videos together !”

If your favorite sports program is not showing on TV, let’s watch March Scopes’ videos ! 


We wish that your stay at home is as comfortable as possible.



Written by : Mari Morita

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