Testimonial from March Scope Owner Larry Costa(USA) who won the 2020 Cactus Classic Light Varmint & 2 Gun Championship!

Posted 07/29/2020

2020 Cactus Classic Benchrest Match was held in Phoenix Arizona in March.

Longtime March Scope Owner Larry Costa became the Champion for Light Varmint Grand(score .2034) and the 2-Gun(score .2095).

Congratulations Larry !!


We received a testimonial from Larry himself in below.


March scopes have been the only scopes I have used for the last 10 years.
They are superbly built with fine optics and rugged construction.
I do not worry that a March scope will “move”.
From my experience they are rock solid.
Once more, thank you for the great engineering, manufacturing and support.
Larry Costa

We value all our March Scope Owners.
If you want to share your victory or experience with our scopes, please feel free to contact us 😉



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