We will ship back the serviced scope by EMS or by Sea according to the country

Posted 10/30/2020

From April 2020, EMS (postal service by air) from Japan to many countries

has been suspended due to the reduction and suspension of air cargo.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and not being able to perform satisfactory customer service.


EMS (by air) : 〇

To countries where EMS has resumed or operating, we will ship the scope back by EMS.

However there may be a delay due to the reduction of airlines.

Countries : United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, France, Finland, Poland, South Africa


EMS (by air) : × , Surface mail (by sea) : 〇

To countries where the resumption of EMS is yet unknown,

we have decided to ship back the serviced scope by sea.

We have waited for the EMS to resume since April, but we do not know yet when it will actually restart.

Surface mail is slow, as it may take nearly 2 months, but a certain way and there will be a tracking number.

If you are NOT in an urgent need of the scope, please send it to us by EMS.

(From USA to Japan, currently it takes about 1 week to ship by EMS.)

Countries :  USA, Australia, Canada


EMS (by air) : × , Surface mail (by sea) : ×

Unfortunately there are countries which do not accept any kind of postal service.

When postal service resumes, we will notify on our website.


Not all the countries are listed above.

If you have further questions regarding shipment, please contact info@deon.co.jp 

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


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