4-40×52 Mini Genesis Scope video review by MarkandSam AfterWork

Posted 02/03/2021

MarkandSam AfterWork (Australia) shot and reviewed our 4-40×52 Mini Genesis Scope.

You can check their video HERE. Please click “4-40×52 Mini Genesis Scope review by MarkandSam AfterWork”

The wind was very strong on the day they tested with 270win at 3100yards. 

4-40x52mmFFP Genesis has 86MIL elevation travel amount without utilizing any external accessories.

This is the sister model of 6-60×56mm Genesis with elevation travel amount of 114MIL, 400MOA.

The unique design of Genesis scopes (the scope itself inclines) allow the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens

producing clarity, definition, and minimal chromatic aberration when extreme elevation is used even at maximum amount.

GENESIS scopes employ “New High Master Lens System” which produce a sharper image with greater contrast

and  “Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System” which enables to naturally adapt

to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.


This means that you can get the perfect IQ throughout the entire magnification and the elevation range at various conditions.

Both scopes can be used from  20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m).


You can see how the 4-40×52 Genesis is used in their video! Check it out (^^)

We will have more click options available soon.
Please look forward to our announcement during the virtual IWA in March!



Posted by : Mari Morita


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