New click options available for 4-40×52 and 6-60×56 Genesis!

Posted 03/22/2021

4-40×52 and 6-60×56 Genesis scopes are capable of engaging targets from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m) subject to rifle system,

ammunition, and environmental conditions without compromising image quality and without utilizing any external accessories.

There is no requirement for additional, bulky and expensive additions.

Because of the supreme lens systems Genesis scope assembles (High Master lens system and Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System)

and also because the unique design of Genesis scope allows the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens,

Genesis March scopes have the highest image quality among all our scopes.


6-60×56 Genesis has won many medals around the globe including King of 2 Miles.

It has total elevation travel amount of 114MIL(100 MIL up, 14 MIL down) / 400MOA (350 MOA up, 50 MOA down).

Now we offer this scope in 0.1MIL adjustment (already available in 0.05MIL and 1/4MOA) making it extremely easy to adjust with minimal effort.




4-40×52 Genesis has total elevation travel amount of 86MIL (72Mil up, 14 down) / 296MOA (248 MOA up, 48 MOA down).

We have been receiving many requests to have this scope in MOA.

MIL and MOA requires different scope bodies, so we manufactured a new scope body for 4-40×52 in MOA.

Now this is available in either 1/4MOA  or 0.1MIL adjustment in addition to current 0.05MIL!

With the new 0.1MIL click, it’s extremely easy to adjust with minimal effort.

And we hope that the new 1/4MOA click option is good news for MOA lovers.




New Click options doesn’t seem to be a big change

but we hope to increase shooter’s usability by being meticulous to smallest details.

We are a custom manufacturer and we hope to assist every shooter as much as possible.


Posted by : Mari Morita

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