Added features in the New 5-40×56 Genll

Posted 03/22/2021

We do not just design new scopes, but we are always looking for ways we can improve our existing scopes.

And now we’ve updated our very popular 5-40×56 FFP scope.


5-40x56Genll is an ultimate scope for serious competition shooters, enthusiasts and hunters
who demand the utmost in optical/mechanical performance.

Added features in 5-40×56 Genll are;
– Lockable turrets
– Fast focus eyepiece
– 6 level illumination module (for illuminated models)

This new “Genll” 5x-40 will supersede the current model.

The optical structure will be the same as the current model with elevation travel amount of 22MIL / 76MOA.


Available to order from April1st*, with first delivery around July* (*subject to change). 



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