March 2.5-25×42 Review by Vince Bottomley at Target Shooter Magazine Website

Posted 06/16/2021

March 2.5-25×42, 2.5-25×52 SFP scopes are popular long seller models along with 3-24×42, 3-24×52 FFP scopes which are all lightweight with superb optical quality. Vince Bottomley, editor and writer at Target Shooter Magazine Website and also an accomplished gunsmith and benchrest shooter, posted a review of 2.5-25×42 March Scope on Target Shooter Magazine Website just yesterday. Please click HERE to enjoy his whole review.


In his review, he mentions about our warranty. If a manufacturing problem caused the defect, DEON will repair the scope for no additional cost to the owner even after the Warranty has expired. (all cases determined by the Manufacturer). You can learn the details of our warranty from HERE.



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