Radek Novak – Rifle builder, Instructor and Winner of Sniper Tactical competition (Czech Republic)

Posted 06/24/2021

Radek Novak (Czech Republic) builds rifles, travels around the world for hunting with his clients and is a shooting instructor. He is also the winner of the last series of Sniper Tactical competition and 3rd of F-Class TR for 2020 in the Czech Republic, both with March scopes.


He has been a March Scope owner for more than 10 years and now he is our representative (www.kelbly.cz) in the Czech Republic (mid Europe) for several years. He only recommends tested and quality equipment to his customers and he is convinced that March Scopes are the best thing available in the market. We were told that we are doing a really great job and that he looks forward to more of our innovation. Thank you Radek for your words of encouragement. We will continue to try our best!

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