4-40×52 Genesis review by Claudio Flores (Chile)

Posted 07/26/2021

March Scopes Owner, Claudio Flores (Chile) has another Video to share on 4-40×52 Genesis. Claudio’s video has absolutely amazing quality 4K images recorded through the scope with his Orion cam. You can check his current and past videos from this link along with other amazing videos taken by many March Scope Owners. https://marchscopes.com/movies/


4-40×52 Genesis in Claudio’s video has 86MIL, 296MOA elevation travel amount without utilizing any external accessories and is capable of engaging targets from 20 meters up to 3 miles (4827m). The unique design of Genesis scopes (the scope itself inclines) allow the shooter to always see through the central part of the lens producing clarity, definition, and minimal chromatic aberration even when at extreme elevation. You can achieve a perfect IQ throughout all the magnification range and elevation travel.
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