Dual Tree reticle for 1-10x24FFP Shorty scope will be launched this fall

Posted 07/26/2021

We have been receiving many inquiries regarding the tree reticle of 1-10x24FFP Shorty scope. We are making a tree reticle for this scope and it will be in a Dual focal plane reticle having advantages of both SFP and FFP reticles. It has the convenience of the FFP reticle scale which magnifies and reduces according to the magnification and the usability of the SFP reticle with the constant thickness (to the eye not the scale value) of the line as the magnification changes. The bright fiber dot illumination to the Second Focal plane reticle ensures that the illuminated dot is usable across the entire magnification range; from a dot sight at low magnifications to a precise illuminated dot for long range precision shooting at higher magnifications with the use of the scale.

Picture taken by :  Panhandle Sport Optics

We will announce the dual tree reticle design in about October and start taking orders. From the end of December we plan to ship the scope. *Please note that this schedule may slightly change.
Thank you for so many interests and we will keep you posted;)
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