Congratulations to March Scope owners placing 1st and 3rd at “Extreme Shot 1 Mile Italia”

Posted 09/27/2021

Extreme Shot 1 Mile Italia” was held over last weekend in Sicily. Well done to all the shooters and congratulations to March Scope Owners who won the 1st and 3rd place. First prize winner is Gary Costello & Stuart Anselm (Spotter, Director at GS Precision Engineering Services) and the third prize winner is Rod Formosa (3rd). Gary is on a roll and has already won 4 F-class Championships this year. 


Gary shot with March 5-42×56 FFP Scope in MIL, FML-3 reticle. 5-42×56 has the widest angle eyepiece among all March Scopes 26°(30% more than our standard models) offering enhanced FOV throughout the 8. 4x magnification range. Gary mentioned that the wide angle of 5-42×56 helped a lot with finding the targets. This scope also has a large elevation travel amount of 40MIL/130MOA suitable for long range shooting. The new Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System assembled in 5-42×56 naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.  


Below is Gary’s set-up. 

Scope : March 5-42×56 FFP scope in Mil with FML-3 reticle

Stock : Carbon fiber Manners LRT (Long Range Tactical)

Barrel : 34” Benchmark barrel .33 cal.
Cartridge : .33XC
Bipod : Accu-tac FC-5 G2

↓ Below shows the target size and distance. 


↓ First prize winner : March Scope Owner : Gary Costello & Stuart Anselm (Spotter, behind Gary.)
  Second prize winner : Iacono Rosario.
  Third prize winner : March Scope Owner, Rod Formosa.

↓ Gary Costello (on the left) & Stuart Anselm (on the right)

Great job everyone;) We want to give a big round of applause to all the shooters and the organizer! 
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