Video showing how the dual reticle (best of both FFP & SFP) works

Posted 06/30/2022

This is a good video made by EDgunUSA showing how the dual reticle (best of both FFP + SFP) works! You can see in this video that only the hashmark (FFP) reduces and enlarges its size while the center dot and the cross lines (SFP) remain its size. It is noticeable that the center fiber dot is bright in the daytime as well. Side focus is adjustable from 10 yard to infinity.



Dual reticle has advantages of both SFP and FFP reticles. 

Merit of a SFP reticle

Cross line and day bright center dot are in SFP reticle. The size and thickness of reticle line and dot is always constant being usable throughout the entire magnification. This means that at higher power, the center dot will not bloat and hinder the view. On the other hand, the reticle lines and the center dot will not be too fine at lower power as in the FFP reticle. Also this dual reticle (DR-1 and DR-TR1) has the brightest center fiber dot (FD-1) among all our FFP scopes, which can be fully usable for daytime as well. Fiber dot reticle is much brighter than the glass reticle because the LED light is guided by fiber. You can learn more about the reticle types in our previous article. https://marchscopes.com/news/10671/


Merit of a FFP reticle

Hashmarks are in FFP reticle. The scale value will always be consistent and it is easy to calculate. You do not need to convert the scale value at other magnification as you do for SFP reticle. You can learn the difference between FFP, SFP and the dual reticle from our previous article as well. https://marchscopes.com/news/10413/



When you are shooting just with the SFP reticle, though there is a POA shift you do not realize its existence as there is nothing to compare with. But please note that in a dual reticle, as the FFP reticle with no POA shift is behind the SFP reticle which has a POA shift due to the nature of optics, discrepancy between the two reticles is unfortunately not 0.0%.

This is why the technical and assembly challenges with respect to dual reticles are extreme as the highest level of aligning the FFP and SFP reticles is essential. The tolerances required in assembly of dual reticle is such that very few are able to do it, especially with a 10X zoom ratio. Any deviation from these extremely tight tolerances will be visible in the 10X zoom range. But please be assured that the assembly of this scope, like all our other offerings, is meticulous. We are pushing the limits of the state of the art in reticle design. This is what we are known for: superb assembly of extremely strong fine works of art. We hope to continue to do our best in supporting our discerning March Scope Owners!


Posted by : Mari Morita



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