Congratulations to Peter Cross (Australia) becoming the Champion of the National 3 Gun Championships, Fly shooting!

Posted 08/23/2022

Congratulations to Peter Cross (Australia) for becoming the Champion of the overall 3 Gun at the National championships 2022 for Fly shooting held during August 20th-22th at Big Springs Range Wagga Wagga! 👏 2 days of centrefire at 500 meters and yesterday was the 200 meters for Rimfire. He shot with the special Silver March 8x-80×56 which he won in a raffle to celebrate the 30th Anniversary National Championships of the 500m Fly shooting (created by benchrest competitors) in 2020 just after his property was burnt by the prolonged period of bushfires at that time. Peter is also a National Record holder in Light Gun class– 276.3 (out of a total possible 300) set in April 2022. We received a message from rejoicing Peter.


“Thank you, Annie and March Scopes. It is such a beautiful scope and I’m happy I have been able to use it to accomplish this result that not that long ago I would have thought was just a dream of mine to try win. It seriously is great just to do that scope justice. So many people ask about it and look through it. Thanks again.” 


Out of the top 10 shooters we see more than half are March Scope owners. Good shooting to all the other shooters as well:)


Above is the picture of Peter from our previous article when he set the National record in Light Gun Class :

For your reference, “The Fly Shoot event was created by benchrest competitors who saw the need for a way to prove centrefire rifles under organized range conditions at a longer range that is 500 meters. Rifles would be shot off the benches, but unlike short range benchrest, the match would be for group size, and include the score. This would encourage competitors to place their groups with a higher degree of accuracy than in short range benchrest matches. Club Fly competitions may be shot at any distance, but records are only recognized and kept for Registered Matches at 500 meters (Centrefire) and 200 yards (Rimfire).”  Quoted from : Fly Shoot Official National Rules 2017 No1

3.1.1 Centrefire Calibre
Any centrefire rifle, up to and including .49 calibre, may be used. If the range where the match is to be held is restricted to smaller calibres or not able to accommodate calibres up to .49, the match may have restrictions on calibres, but Match Organisers must include this information in any advertising or notice of the match to be held. Other specifications
The rifle may have:
• any stock configuration
• any barrel
• any trigger (other than release type)
• any scope or sighting system Maximum Weight
• Heavy gun unlimited weight but must be manually lifted on to the bench by a single person.
• Light gun (including bipod if fitted) limit 17 lbs (7.711 kgs) Restrictions
• No return-to-battery set-ups (e.g. rail guns)
• No muzzle brakes


3.1.2 Rimfire Rimfire rifles
• Any .22LR rimfire
• any stock configuration
• any barrel
• any trigger (other than release type)
• any scope or sighting system Maximum Weight:
• Rimfire 17 lbs (7.711 kgs) Restrictions:
• No return-to-battery set-ups (e.g. rail guns)

Quote : Fly Shoot Official National Rules 2017 No1


This is a very interesting and also a fun game and will encourage you to improve the accuracy of shooting! If you are interested, please check for further information.



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