Impact & drop test for All March Scopes

Posted 09/12/2022

We are a small custom manufacturer carefully handcrafting scopes with great attention to detail. All March Scopes, regardless of the model, can handle the impact of 1000G (1000 times of gravity). Horizons Lord (rifle manufacturer in Ukraine) tested 4-40×52 Genesis scope with a wild cat cartridge based on the gigantic 14.5×114 caliber necked down to 50 caliber with 750gr Hornady bullet. The recoil is much larger than shooting with the normal 50 BMG cartridge traveling 1km per second. Reliability of 4-40×52 Genesis scope has been verified with 320 shots of 12.7×114. (Previous article https://marchscopes.com/news/10738/)

We recently had a third party test our scope on a Spring air rifle. Spring air rifles are known as scope breakers due to a sharp double recoil movement as the spring goes forwards and backwards. We are proud to announce that we have passed their test too.


In the pictures below, scopes are violently struck from directly above and from the side on a steel stand. We also conduct a drop test. Instead of spot checks, all scopes, regardless of the model, are subjected to a 20-point inspection, including a shock resistance test, before shipping. And only those that pass the tests are shipped. This is possible because we are a small custom manufacturer with limited production, and we can test each and every scope manually as well.

We support shooters by providing the very best scopes as we understand how much reliability is important. 

Written by : Mari Morita


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