Review of the March 4.5-28×52 on the Long Range Hunting Forum

Posted 12/06/2022

March Scope owner shared his review of the March 4.5-28×52 Scope on the Long Range Hunting Forum and we obtained a permission from him to post. Ease of use and compact configuration (weight: 845g (29.8oz) (illuminated model) / length: 318mm (12.5inch)) of the 4.5-28×52 scope is ideal for hunting and on nearly any shooting platform.


Partial quote:

“I’ve used this March 4.5-28×52 scope pretty extensively now, and I know there are people curious about them and not a ton of first hand experiences with them. So far, I honestly love it. Reticle is excellent design and usable pretty much throughout the whole power range. I really only use the scope from 6-20X though. Durability seems to be no question at all. Thousands of turret adjustments and I don’t baby my stuff in the field. Never lost zero or anything suspicious. Turrets are amazing, and tight enough that I haven’t had one slip in the field yet. Parallax adjusts with very small movements. I guess that’s a preference thing. Doesn’t bother me at all. Pretty easy to get a crystal clear image. Glass is good enough and reticle bold enough to kill a buck at 840 yards at first light, long before the sun rose. So do with that info what you want. I’ve used it enough in the field to rub the color out of some the name etching on the bell of the scope lol. So I guess that’s a negative in reality when it comes to resale. My setup has been used to kill 3 bucks at 840, 550 and 974 yards. And lots of hiking over the shoulder and strapped a heavy *** pack. And bound extremely tight. I just shot it on paper for the first time since my hunting season has started to check zero, and well… it’s on lol. Definitely recommend this scope. For this price, I think it’s a **** good scope.”



Thank you for the kind comments and sharing your observations! We hope you will keep enjoy shooting with our scope:)

March 4.5-28×52 Scope assembles Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System so that it will create a more stable lens system that naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions. The High Master lens system (Super ED lenses) incorporated in the 4.5-28×52 scope can suppress chromatic aberration even more than with ED lenses and thus produce a sharper image with greater contrast. One of the outstanding feature of the March 4.5-28×52 Scope is that it has 25 degrees Wide Angle eyepiece. 

Left is the standard 20 degrees FOV. Right is the 4.5-28×52 scope’s 25 degrees FOV. You can see 3 more deer in the right! (Image is to explain how much more you will be able to see with the 25 degrees wide angle eyepiece. This is NOT a picture looking through our scope.)


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