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Has eight magnification ratios, including the highest magnification ratio in the first focal plane (FFP) configuration rifle scope made to date. The mrad reticle scale value remains constant across the entire zoom range. It is easy to range the target without thinking where to set the zoom range. Additionally, with the capability to set any position as the zero point in elevation (0-set device), the shooter will never lose his starting calibration. This scope was designed to eliminate optical aberration without compromise, utilizing high-end extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses.


Tactical Model with Illumination module

2020-21 NEW! March-FX "Wide Angle" 4.5-28x52mm Riflescope

"Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System"
In the latest optical systems, a new lens material has been developed to accommodate changes
in environmental temperature by altering the refractive index of the lenses.
This new lens material has been adopted to create a more stable lens system
that naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.

"Wide Angle Eyepiece"
25 Degree Wide Angle Eyepiece will enhance FOV throughout the 6.2 magnification range.
Compared with our standard scopes with 20 degree, this is wider by 25%.

"Super ED lenses"
By incorporating Super ED lenses (High Master lens system), we are able to reduce the chromatic aberration.

Please check this article for more detailed information!

Leaflet of this product :

This scope was developed with practical precision shooting competitors in mind,
but ease of use and compact configuration make it equally at home on nearly any shooting platform.
The short length (318mm; 12.5”) and light weight (845g; 29.8oz) of the March-FX 4.5x-28x52mm is exceptional.

"Fast focus eyepiece"
The diopter adjustment mechanism has been improved so you can adjust the eyepiece to your eye faster than ever before.



0.1 MIL Type

1 Click Adjustment : 0.1MIL (1cm @100m)
10 MIL turret revolution (100cm @100m)
0-set on Elevation turret

Elevation dial is a tactical type.
Windage dial is a normal(capped) type.

*6-level illumination module is a standard specification for this model.


Technical Data

Low High
Magnification 4.5x 28x
Effective Lens Diameter 52mm
Body Tube Diameter 34mm
Exit Pupil 1.86mm (0.73 inch)
Field of View (real) degree 5.56° 0.892°
ft/100yd 29.1ft 4.68ft
m/100m 9.7m 1.56m
Eye Relief 70‐93.7mm 72‐90mm
1 Click Adjustment 0.1MIL
Elevation Travel 30MIL
Windage Travel 20MIL
Focus Distance 10yd - infinity
Reticle FML‐TR1
In the box Flip Caps (Objective and Eyepiece)
Lens Cloth
MD disk
Middle focus wheel
Engraved Large dial
Fast lever
Battery (CR2032)
Hex key
Scope Size A 318mm (12.5inch)
size B 129mm (5.0inch)
C 60mm (2.4inch)
D 46mm (1.8inch)
E 93mm (3.7inch)
F 96mm (3.8inch)
G 42mm (1.6inch)
H 49mm (1.9inch)
Weight 845g (29.8oz)