Meet the March Scope’s Top Hardware Designer – CEO Shimizu

Posted 07/25/2019

Shimizu is DEON -manufacturer of March Scope’s top lens designer.

He is the hardware specialist with many accomplishments.

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Shimizu’s accomplishments at DEON

2007 Develop the Bench rest shooting competition 40×52 scope using the ED lense for the first time in the world.

2008    Develop the 50×52, 60×52, 10-60×52, 5-32×52 which are the sister scopes of 40×52

2009    Develop the 1-10×24, 2.5-25×42 which are the world’s first rifle scope with 10-fold ratio.

2010    Develop the 10-fold ratio scopes 5-50×56 and 8-80×56 and which are still the world’s highest magnification ratio.

2011    Develop the 3-24x FFP rifle scope.

2012    Develop the 5-40x FFP rifle scope.

2013    Develop the 1-8×24 FFP rifle scope.

2014    Develop the 2.5-25×32 and 3-24×52.

2016    Develop the 1-4.5×24 and 40-60×52 with larger pupil diameter.

2017    Develop the 1-8×24 Shorty which is the world’s shortest rifle scope among 8-fold ratio scope.

2018    Develop the 6-60×56 FFP (GENESIS) and 4-40×52 (GENESIS)  which are the FFP scopes with world’s highest magnification ratio.



Click here to VIEW MORE ! Full interview with Shimizu


Written by : Mari Morita

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