Impressions of shooting with March-X 8-80×56 Majesta Scope by 2023 F-Class National Long Range F-Open champion Matt Basalla

Posted 12/15/2023

The 2023 F-Class National Long Range F-Open champion Matthew Basalla (USA), used the new March-X 8-80X56 High Master Wide Angle Majesta SFP Scope during his winning performance. The MTR-WFD reticle Matthew shot with is designed specifically for F-Class competition. Below is Matt’s comment. He had this to say about his experience with his Majesta. Thanks for taking the time to comment Matt and we wish you continued success!

“I was shooting the MTR-WFD reticle and stayed around 60X the whole time. I feel like the glass makes it easier for me to see the mirage through the riflescope. I have realized that sometimes I would drop shots when switching from my spotting scopes to my riflescope because the mirage would change and I would miss the change with my prior riflescope. However, with the Majesta, I can detect the changing condition before I take the shot.
I also like the circle crosshair in the MTR-WFD reticle. It makes it easier to hold vertical even when holding off on the target. I never dialed for changes, I just held off.
The turrets are crisp and responsive.
I had my highest x count to date, 1594 with 101X. Now, can I say it was because of the scope? I’m not sure but that was my highest ever so I would say it helped. It just felt like I could put the scope where I wanted it very clearly, and that was a big advantage.”


The new 8-80×56 High Master Majesta scope has the highest magnification in the world as of today. This scope has amazing features that are advantageous to competitive shooting. Some of them are below.
1. Widest angle eyepiece in March SFP riflescopes
The 25 degrees wide angle eyepiece in the Majesta scope is 25% wider than the standard 20 degrees eyepiece, increases the image area by 156% over a regular 20 degree eyepiece. The shooter is presented with a much larger magnified picture of the target and its surroundings, eliminating the tunneling effect inherent in high-magnification long range optics. It also helps to identify the target easier and reduce the chances of crossfire.
2. High Master lens system (Super ED lenses)
Super ED lenses incorporated in the High Master lens system suppresses chromatic aberration even more than with ED lenses and thus produce a sharper image with greater contrast. It also helps to retard the IQ degradation due to shimmer (mirage) compared to ED and especially non-ED glass. We, DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes), found a way to further enhance the shimmer protection in the Majesta to help deal with bad mirage conditions at high magnification. Because of this “shimmer protection”, the riflescope’s magnification can remain high and thus provide the shooter with a better aiming point. 
3. Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System
The new lens material has been adopted to create a more stable lens system that naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.

(*Shooters underlined in red used the new March 8-80×56 Majesta scope.)
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