Outstanding image of the new FML-WBR reticle for PRS/NRL shooters housed in 5-42×56 FFP Genll riflescope at 26 degrees

Posted 05/15/2024

The March-FX 5-42x56mm FFP scope stands out with its widest eyepiece among all March Scopes, boasting a remarkable 26° field of view. This offers shooters a significant advantage, providing a 30% larger viewing area compared to standard models, resulting in about 160% increase in overall area. Specifically engineered for PRS/NRL shooters, the new FML-WBR reticle housed in the March-FX D42HV56WFML-G2 model ensures an impeccable wide field of view, surpassing our standard 20-degree offerings as you can see in the following picture. The picture is centered on the R on the yellow plaque that is at 400 yards and is 10 inches (25cm) wide. FML-WBR is on the right in the picture. We also offer other reticles for different tastes.



Scheduled for release this summer, the FML-WBR reticle developed by Brandon Rudge (US) incorporates a .2 MIL standard and an open dot design, elevating competition performance. Notably, the reticle’s design prioritizes usability across various magnifications by excluding vertical stadia and tree elements, ensuring an unobstructed view of targets. Engineered to complement the unprecedented FOV, magnification range, and image clarity of the 5-42x56Genll scope, it anticipates shooters’ requirements for enhanced resolution and swift target acquisition. 



The MIL model D42HV56WFML-G2 caters to PRS/NRL shooters featuring writable turrets for convenient adjustments and user-friendly zero set functionality. Based on feedback from PRS shooters, we removed locking feature for elevation and windage turrets, while still retaining the lockable side focus turret. (*Picture of the scope below is a concept model. There may be slight changes in the production model.)

Designed for long-range shooting applications, this 5-42×56 Genll scope boasts 40MIL/130MOA elevation travel and superior image quality attributed to the High Master Lens and Temperature Anti-Drift Lens systems. At the 2024 Shot Show and IWA, we unveiled the enhanced March-FX 5-42×56 High Master Genll Scope, featuring shuriken locking turrets and improved image quality, particularly noticeable around the maximum elevation settings. Illuminated MIL model with shuriken lock turrets: D42HV56WFIMLX-G2, illuminated MOA model with shuriken lock turrets: D42HV56WFIMAX-G2 .

For a custom fee, when placing a new order, we can replace the shuriken lock turrets to writable turrets and vice versa. For further details please see the following link: https://marchscopes.com/news/19508/

Stay tuned for the summer launch of this new model. Thank you for your support😊


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