March Scope Owner, Asad Wahid (UK & Pakistan) Champion of GB National league (F-TR) interviewed by Pakistan TV !

Posted 11/15/2019

Congratulations to Asad Wahid winning the 2019 GB National league Champion (F-TR) last week.  

Please click Here to see more of his records.


He is now officially a hero being interviewed by several Pakistan TVs ! One of the interview is below.




Gary Costello (on the right),Managing director of March Scopes Europe,

who won the GB National league Champion (F-Open) made his debut at the Pakistan TV as well 😉

Two Champions’ picture at Pakistan TV



Two Champions’ original picture




They both used March Scope High Master 10x-60x56mm at the competition.

March Scope High Master may be one of their secrets contributing to the win !





Again congratulations to the double win by March Scope Owners !!

Edited by : Mari Morita


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