March ELR team prepping for King of 2 Miles – Hitting 2mile target in France

Posted 03/04/2020

March ELR Team Shooters : Gary Costello (F Class Champion / Managing Director of March Scopes Europe)

and Vincent Meyer are intensively training to prepare for the upcoming King of 2 Miles competition in France from May 7-10, 2020.


The new March 5-42×56 and 4-40×52 mini Genesis worked very well.
These were selected because of their outstanding travel amount.
5-42×56 has 40mil/140moa and 4-40×52 has 86mil/300moa of total elevation amount
which are perfect for long range and ELR shooting. 



5-42×56 with windage/elevation/side focus locking system.(Picture below)


4-40×52 Genesis does not need any excessive incline rails or Prism devices. (Picture below)

March ELR Team Shooters engaged and hit every target, even the Two mile target (3219 metres / 3520 yard).
In fact Gary hit it with his second shot and his further two shots clipped the target.
March ELR Team’s second shooter Vincent also hit it on his second shot.


Rifle Built by GS Precision

Benchmark BarrelsMcMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Sidhe Trigger

Case : Peterson Cartridge Co 

Bullet : Berger Bullets 407gr Solids

Ballistics : Garmin Foretrex 701


Watch our VIDEO to see March ELR Team’s training scene !




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