4.5-28×52 Wide Angle March Scope is introduced at AccurateShooter.com / Q&A on 4.5-28×52

Posted 01/29/2021

4.5-28×52 Wide Angle March Scope is introduced in the article posted on Jan 22nd, 2021 at AccurateShooter.com.

This year 2021 Shot Show was cancelled, but the team at AccurateShooter checked

more than 500 new products on the Shot Show online site “Shot Show on Demand”.

Fortunately, our 4.5-28×52 WideAngle FFP March Scope caught their attention;)

You can check their article HERE where they feature a dozen new and notable products from their perspectives.


This 4.5-28×52 WideAngle FFP March Scope was developed with practical precision shooting competitors in mind,
but ease of use and compact configuration make it equally at home on nearly any shooting platform.

We invest a lot of development fee and our engineers designed and then redesigned this scope till they were satisfied.

(R&D expenses at March Scopes is 25% which is extremely high. The average R&D rate of OECD countries is 2.379%.)

We consider 4.5-28×52 as one of our masterpieces gathering the wisdom and knowledge of engineers

with more than 40 years of experience in optical design, so we were very excited to see our scope being introduced.

Source of reference : http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2021/01/more-new-for-2021-products-virtual-shot-show-part-2/



The first lot of this scope was shipped last week and perhaps because this scope has just been launched,

recently I receive many inquiries regarding our new 4.5-28×52 WideAngle FFP March Scope.

Thank you for those who showed interest in this scope. 

I’m sure many of you may want to ask the same questions, so I would like to share the questions which I have received.


Q1. What is the merit of a wide angle design?

4.5-28×52 has a 25 Degree Wide Angle. This is wider than our standard model with 20 degree by 25%.

Wide angle eyepiece will help you obtain more visual information as you can see in the image below. 

Imagine how much more you can see with this wide angle design!

How many more deer did you find with the wide angle in the attached image…? I found 3 more.

(5-42×56 has 26 degree, 30% more than our standard 20 degree models.)

Q2. Is this a compact scope?
Yes, it is. The length is 318mm (12.5inch) and the weight is 845g (29.8oz) for an illuminated model.
It is shorter than 3-24×52(336mm) by 18mm(0.7inch). This is a very compact scope considering its magnification range.

Q3. Does 4.5-28×52 assemble a High Master lens system?

High Master lens system is to explain what kind of lens we use.

Super ED lenses combined with other lenses is the same as the High Master lens system

and this 4.5-28×52 surely does assemble a High Master lens system.

4.5-28×52 March Scope will be engraved with a High Master logo.


4.5-28×52 and 5-42×56 are wide angle designs and very compact compared with other similar magnification scopes.

When comparing scopes under the same brand, image quality is defined by several elements

such as the length of the scope, the size of the objective lens, the quality of the lens coating or the lens itself etc.

This article may help you gain a better understanding of scopes. https://marchscopes.com/news/6731/

In general when a scope is short, more elevation travel can be secured.

For example, 5-42×56 FFP Wide Angle has nearly double the elevation travel (40MIL) compared to our 5-40×56 FFP riflescope (22MIL).  

Since the 5-42×56 is 29mm shorter than 5-40×56, it has a lot more elevation travel.

This shortness brings in more CA and to control that we use the Super ED lenses (High Master lens system) in the 5-42×56 FFP Wide Angle.

With the Super ED lenses, 5-42×56 has a great IQ especially in the center, but you may find some aberration at the periphery of the image.

As the IQ is different between the center and the peripheral part,

some people may feel that the IQ is less than 5-40×56FFP scope, due to the nature of the Wide Angle eyepiece.

If edge-to-edge clarity is more important, then we recommend you use a non-wide angle model such as 5-40×56 instead.


This is the same with 4.5-28×52 as well. 4.5-28×52’s length is 318mm (12.5inch) which is shorter than 3-24×52 (336mm/13.2inch).

To control the IQ of a short scope, we use Super ED lenses (High Master lens system) in the 4.5-28×52.

Elevation travel of 4.5-28×52(30MIL) is less than 3-24×52(34MIL), but the former has higher magnification.


In order to reinforce the IQ of the compact 4.5-28×52 scope, the High Master lens system is assembled.

Our development engineers are confident that the 4.5-28×52 has the best IQ (especially in the center) among our mid class FFP scopes,

but the High master scopes with larger objective lens and longer scope bodies will have a better IQ.

Also as 4.5-28×52 is a wide angle design, some may notice aberration at the peripheral part.

For those who prefer edge to edge clarity, we recommend you a non-wide angle design scopes such as 3-24x52FFP scope.


Q4. Does 4.5-28×52 assemble a Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System?

Yes, it does. This new lens material has been adopted to create a more stable lens system
that naturally adapts to changes in temperature to maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.


Q5. What level of illumination module will this scope assemble?

The Six-Level Illumination module will be assembled in 4.5-28×52 Wide Angle FFP March Scope.
It produces six levels of light intensity on the reticle for precision shooting in low light or night conditions.

Rotating the knurled dial doubles the intensity with each increasing level.

The rubber switch turns illumination on or off while maintaining the user-selected intensity level.

After one hour illumination will automatically shut off to conserve battery life.


Q6. Does this scope have a day light bright illuminated reticle?

You would be able to see in low light conditions but unfortunately 4.5-28×52 doesn’t have a daylight bright illuminated reticle.

For your reference, day light bright illuminated reticles are below:

DR-1 (1-10x24FFP),

FD-1 (1-4×24 SFP, 1-10×24 SFP, 2.5-25×42 SFP, 2.5-25×52 SFP),

FD-2 (1-10×24 SFP, 2.5-25×42 SFP, 2.5-25×52 SFP)

If you do not need to use illumination during the day, FML-TR1 or FML-3 reticles of 4.5-28×52 will be a perfect choice.


Q7. Does this 4.5-28×52 scope have a deep depth of field?

Depth of Focus or Field (DOF), refers to the range over which the image plane can be moved and still retain its sharpness.

When shooting at various distances in a short time, you may require a deeper DOF compared

to when you shoot at a set distance or when you have the time to adjust the side focus for the shot. 

DOF is simply due to physics.

The smaller the objective lens diameter is, and the lower the magnification you use, the deeper the depth of field becomes. 

You can increase the DOF of a riflescope with a large objective lens by attaching a MD disk

at the end of a sunshade or directly to the objective lens to the front of the riflescope. 

By attaching the MD disk DOF increases by approximately 50% and modifies view of mirage and target. You will not notice any brightness difference using the MD disk during the day, but we recommend that you remove the MD disk in low light conditions so the large objective lens can let in more light. MD disk will come along with 4.5-28×52.


Q8. Does this 4.5-28×52 scope have the new Fast Focus Eyepiece?

Yes, it does, The diopter adjustment mechanism has been improved so you can adjust
the eyepiece to your eye faster than ever before.

When you have it adjusted to get the best, crispest view of the reticle, simply rotate the locking ring and secure the eyepiece.

Please check the article here to see how to effectively adjust the diopter.

How to adjust the Eyepiece – with Q&A

Q9. Is the eye relief generous?
In order to aim the target even if the eye position moves, the permissible range for eye relief is rather long.
(Eye relief: at Low power 70‐93.7mm, at High power 72‐90mm)
Mathematically the eye relief is rather generous, but for few people wide angle eyepiece may trick your eyes that it is a little tight.

We are proud of our innovative Wide Angle scopes. This will assist you in gaining more visual information.
Please click HERE to see the leaflet of this 4.5-28×52 Wide Angle scope.
But if you are looking for a performance proved scopes, we recommend 3-24x52FFP instead of the 4.5-28×52 Wide Angle
and 5-40×56 FFP instead of the 5-42×56 Wide Angle Scope.



You can also check the detailed characteristics of our each scope in this article to assist you in choosing a perfect scope for YOU!

If you have any questions regarding this scope or others, please feel free to contact us at info@deon.co.jp.
We are more than happy to assist you.
Please enjoy shooting!

Posted by : Mari Morita


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