Lars Rørstrøm shot 2000m at the Cold Bore Range with 5-42×56 March Scope (Denmark)

Posted 06/03/2021

March Scope Owner, Lars Rørstrøm (Denmark) told us that he is excited to shoot ELR with his new 5-42×56 March Scope in March, 2021. You can see his previous comment HERE.


At the Cold Bore Range in Denmark, they had a long range shooting event on May 29th. Lars attended the match and we received a comment and pictures from him. “Here are the pictures from the first pre contest shooting at the Cold Bore Range in Denmark. 4 out of 5 were hits at 2000 meter. I LOVE THAT March 5x-42×56 FX High Master. Now I’m getting ready for the 2 mile shooting event on June 26th.”

Picture quoted from : https://www.facebook.com/ColdBoreRangeDK/







Congratulations Lars!! We wish to hear more of your accomplishments;)


Posted by : Mari Morita

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