Gun Mart Magazine featured March Scope 1-10×24 in the July Issue 2019

Posted 08/02/2019

In the July Issue of Gun Mart magazine  www.gunmart.net , March Scope 1-10×24 was featured.

A test was done by Mark Camoccio. 

He said that “he first became aware of March Scopes when top shooter, Connor McFlynn won the Field Target World Championships in 2011, using a March X 8-80 x 56 model.”



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There was a comment regarding the warranty in the article,

but please note that regardless of 5 year warranty, DEON will repair free of cost if it’s manufacture’s liability.



Below is the March Scope 1-10×24 featured in the article.

There are normal model , tactical model and illuminate model.

Please click here to see the detailed specification




Edited by : Mari Morita

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