“NEW 5-40x56Genll vs 5-42×56” What is the difference of these two?

Posted 04/13/2021

We do not just design new scopes, but we are always looking for ways we can improve our existing scopes.

And now we’ve updated our very popular 5-40×56 FFP scope.


           Added features in the New 5-40×56 Genll are;
           – Lockable Elevation and Windage turrets
           – Fast focus eyepiece
           – 6 level illumination module as a standard (for illuminated models)

           *Internal optical structure of the 5-40×56Genll is the same as the 5-40×56.


We have 5-42×56 in the similar magnification range. Now let’s compare these two scopes.

In the picture below, the lower scope is 5-42×56 WideAngle and the upper scope is 5-40×56 Genll.


  5-42×56 (Lower scope in the picture) 5-40×56 Genll (Upper scope in the picture)
Lockable turrets 〇(All turrets are lockable) 〇 (Side focus turret is not lockable)
Fast focus eyepiece
Illumination  6 level 6 level





387mm (15.24inch)

950g (33.5oz) , (non-illuminated 915g(32.27oz))

Apparent field of view 26 degree 20 degree
Elevation travel 40MIL, 130MOA 22MIL, 76MOA
Windage travel 14MIL 11MIL
Temperature anti drift lens ×
Click adjustment options 0.1MIL, 1/4MOA

0.05MIL, 0.1MIL, 1/8MOA

                                *1/4MOA is available with original 5-40×56.


● Length & Elevation

In general (this does not apply to Genesis models), the shorter the scope, the more elevation travel amount it can have. 5-42×56 is shorter than 5-40×56 Genll by 29mm (1.14inch). By shortening the length, 5-42×56 has nearly double the elevation travel (40MIL) compared to 5-40×56 Genll riflescope (22MIL, 76MOA).  


● Apparent field of view 

5-42×56 has the widest angle eyepiece among all March Scopes which is 26 degrees. This is 30% more than our standard models (20 degree). 26 degree apparent field of view will enable you to gain more visual information. The wide angle eyepiece is useful when you want to have more visual information when hunting for example. However, you may find some aberration at the peripheral part.

● Image quality

Shortness of the 5-42×56 brings in more Chromatic Aberration and to control that we use Super ED lenses (High Master lens system) in the 5-42×56 Wide Angle Scope. But as the IQ is different between the center and the peripheral part due to the nature of the Wide Angle eyepiece, some people may find the image quality of 5-42×56 less than 5-40×56Genll. If edge-to-edge clarity is important to you, we recommend the 5-40×56Genll. (*Internal optical structure of the 5-40×56Genll is the same as the 5-40×56.)

Also, in any riflescope the best image quality is at or near the center of the adjustments. 5-42×56 riflescope has an internal adjustment range of 40MIL; 20 up, 20 down. Because of the very wide adjustment range of this riflescope, you may experience some image quality degradation as you near the limits of the adjustment range. This can occur because of the extreme refraction of the incoming light at the edges of the objective lens. This degradation will worsen as the magnification increases but if you readjust the focus turret each time, you will be able to see the image clearly. In case you do not wish to adjust each time, we recommend using an appropriate canted rail if you plan to use this riflescope consistently near the limits of the adjustment range and at higher magnification. It can be utilized to gain additional elevation and to keep the scope optically centered as much as possible.


● Temperature anti drift lens system

5-42×56 Wide Angle scope incorporates Temperature anti-drift lens system so that it will naturally adapt to changes in temperature and maintain focus and clarity over a wide range of conditions.



Even with similar magnification range, features of the scopes are very different.

Based on the above, we can sum it up as below.  Which do you prefer…?


5-42×56 (Lower scope in the picture) 5-40×56 Genll (Upper scope in the picture)
Elevation travel 40MIL(equivalent to about 140MOA) > 22MIL, 76MOA
Temperature anti drift lens > ×
Apparent field of view 26 degree > 20 degree
Lockable turrets Elevation, Windage, Side focus turrets > Elevation, Windage turrets
Click options  0.1MIL < 0.05MIL, 0.1MIL, 1/8MOA
Image quality  You may find some aberration at the periphery part. < Edge-to-edge clarity



We are a small custom manufacturer, but we try our best to keep innovating.

— March Scopes —

Written by : Mari Morita


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