To better meet hunters’ expectations, Capped Turrets and Daybright Fiber Dot FD-1 Reticle in MOA will be newly added

Posted 07/31/2023

March Scopes is a small custom riflescope manufacturer and we have more than 250 models (magnification x reticle x illumination x turret) which is more than 3, 4 times than that of other major scope manufacturers. We respect each shooter’s needs and try to accommodate his/her request as much as possible. We received inquiries that some hunters prefer capped turrets over exposed ones. In order to better meet their expectations, we have decided to add capped (normal) turrets to our existing models. Many of our models offer both capped (normal) and exposed (tactical) turrets, but for some models we offered only one turret type. Therefore, we will be adding capped (normal) turrets to those. Please see below for newly added normal models (with capped turrets). (*At March Scopes, we call scopes with capped turrets “Normal models” and scopes with exposed turrets “Tactical models”.)  

Also we have another good news for hunters and tactical shooters. Fiber dot FD-1 & FD-2 reticles are daylight bright which are usable throughout the day. The reason why the fiber dot reticle is much brighter than the glass reticle is because the LED light is guided by fiber. (Previous article about reticle manufacturing method: https://marchscopes.com/news/10671/) Until now fiber dot reticles were only available in MIL, but FD-1 reticle will also be available in MOA. Models that can incorporate the FD-1(MOA) reticle are: 1-10×24 SFP, 1.5-15×42 SFP, 2.5-25×42 SFP, 2.5-25×52 SFP MOA models for both capped (normal) and exposed (tactical) turrets. 

For your reference, FD-1 and FD-2 (MIL) can be chosen in the following models as before. FD-1 (MIL) is assembled in the Dual reticle of 1-10×24 Shorty FFP (30mm tube),  1-10×24 Shorty FFP (34mm tube) and 1.5-15×42 FFP models. FD-1 (MIL) and FD-2 (MIL) can be chosen in 1-4×24 SFP, 1-10×24 SFP, 1.5-15×42 SFP, 2.5-25×42 SFP, 2.5-25×52 SFP models.

Width of thin center line is 13.75 MOA at 10x.

Added new models (Normal (Capped) turrets with illumination) to the existing lineup are the following.  
1-10×24    D10V24I (MOA) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d10v24i/
                    D10V24IML (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d10v24iml/
1.5-15×42    D15V42I (MOA) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d15v42i/ 
2.5-25×42    D25V42I (MOA) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d25v42i/
                    D25V42IML (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d25v42iml/
2.5-25×52    D25V52I (MOA) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d25v52i/
                    D25V52IML (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d25v52iml/
1-10x24shorty (34mm tube)   D10SV24FDIMLN34 (MIL, Dual) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d10sv24fdimln34/
                   D10SV24FIMLN34 (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d10sv24fimln34/
1.5-15×42   D15V42FDIMLN(MIL, Dual) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d15v42fdimln/
                   D15V42FIMLN (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d15v42fimln/
3-24×42      D24V42FIMAN (MOA) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d24v42fiman/
                   D24V42FIMLN (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d24v42fimln/
3-24×52      D24V52FIMAN (MOA) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d24v52fiman/
                   D24V52FIMLN (MIL) https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d24v52fimln/

1-10x24shorty FFP scope (34mm tube)

1.5-15×42 FFP scope (34mm tube) 

2.5-25×52 SFP scope

DEON will be closed from August 12th (Sat)-16th (Wed) due to Obon holidays. Obon is one of the traditional custom in Japan and usually it is in mid August. We believe the souls of ancestors come back to our world and stay home during Obon. Therefore, many people take a holiday at the time and go back to their home to visit the graves of their ancestors. The new turrets and reticles will be available for order when we resume operations after the Obon holidays on August 17th.

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