Standout features and the construction of the new March 8-80×56 Majesta riflescope

Posted 10/03/2023

At the end of 2022, DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) announced the upcoming release of our latest riflescope offering in the high magnification, high precision domain, the March-X 8-80X56 High Master Wide Angle Majesta SFP Scope. The driving concept behind the Majesta Scope was to create and produce the most sophisticated, and most powerful riflescope on the planet with the latest advancements in both material and production technology to provide the absolute best possible IQ (Image Quality) to the shooter. This scope is engraved with “Majesta” befitting its name. The Majesta Scope started shipping in July 2023 and quickly gathered rave reviews, praising its clarity, high magnification, ultra-wide field of view and shimmer protection. We also got some feedback that the riflescope was heavier than its predecessors. Now let’s review the standout features of the March 8-80×56 Majesta riflescope.


Highest Magnification

The Majesta’s magnification range goes from 8X to 80X; this is the highest magnification in the world as of today available in a riflescope. The original March-X 8-80X56 has the same magnification range, but it lacks the other new qualities.


Widest FOV

The Majesta boasts an AAOV (Apparent Angle Of View) of 25° degrees, which is a 25% increase in FOV (Field Of View) width over the March-X 10-60X56 HM and that translates to 156% of the total field of view over that riflescope. Currently, the Majesta has 25° AAOV which is the widest field of view of any March SFP (Second Focal Plane) riflescope and most March FFP riflescopes as well. Only the March-FX 5-42-56 High Master Wide Angle with an AAOV of 26° has a wider FOV. This means that at 80X, the FOV of the Majesta is equivalent to the FOV of the 10-60X56 HM at 60X and comparable to the FOV of other optics with an AAOV even smaller than the 10-60X56 HM. For example, at 80X, the FOV of the Majesta is comparable to the FOV of a popular riflescope at its maximum 55X magnification. Also for your reference, March-FX 4.5-28×52 has 25°, Genesis 6-60×56 has 24.96° and Genesis 4-40×52 has 24° AAOV. 

* Below is an image comparing the view between 20 degrees and 25 degrees. 


Best Shimmer Protection

The adage “when conditions are great, all riflescopes look good” is correct, and the second part “it’s when the conditions get bad that differences become apparent” is a main differentiator with the Majesta. It was discovered that the Super ED lenses in the March-X 10-60X56 High Master helped to retard the IQ degradation due to shimmer (mirage) compared to ED and especially non-ED glass. (Past related article:  https://marchscopes.com/news/12385/) The DEON optical wizards found a way to further enhance the shimmer protection in the Majesta such that we are getting reports of Majesta owners shooting at 80X whilst shooters with other optics are rapidly reducing the magnification of their optics to cope with the shimmer. The Majesta presents a usable image of the target with distinct lines at 80X in heavy mirage.


The three qualities above are available to the Majesta because they have been engineered into the riflescope and to achieve this, the March Majesta riflescope is the most complex optical riflescope on the planet. DEON did not cut any corners or make any IQ compromises in the Majesta; it has the best of everything in the pursuit of the best viewing experience and this represents added weight and cost.


Choice Of Reticles

DEON created a series of new reticles specifically designed to take advantage of the standout features of the Majesta; high magnification, ultra-wide FOV and Shimmer Protection. These reticles are all etched on superb multi-coated glass and have a very wide aspect. The MTR-WFD reticle designed by Denys Beauchemin , is the very first reticle specifically designed for F-Class competitions or similar high precision long range shooting.Please check our past article explaining the MTR-WFD reticle: https://marchscopes.com/news/15032/. There are other MOA reticles and a MIL-based reticle, as well as one simple Dot reticle (MOA/MIL) to choose from, all carefully designed.

Majesta Construction

To complement the wonderful optical design of the Majesta, DEON chose to install the phenomenal shuriken knobs for the turrets and introduced a new color for the body of the riflescope, titanium grey. Now let’s address the optical elephant in the room. As is well-known, in optics everything is a give and take. For the 8-80×56 Majesta riflescope, no compromises were made to obtain the best IQ (image quality) possible. The riflescope is longer, and it has more lenses compared to the original 8-80×56 riflescope. The wide-angle eyepiece is larger than a standard eyepiece and the shuriken lock turrets are heavier than standard non-lockable turrets. All this translates to more weight. We realize some competition categories have strict weight restriction, but the goal was to deliver a majestic SFP riflescope with the best IQ, widest FOV and with shimmer protection to assist shooters in bad conditions; in other words, the most sophisticated riflescope on the planet. To accomplish that, the Majesta is heavier and longer than its predecessors.


DEON (manufacturer of March Scopes) designed and now builds this amazing riflescope in our new, state of the art factory, by hand using all Japanese top quality parts. We greatly thank you for your continued support!


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