• March-X (SFP, 34mm tube)
  • March (SFP, 30mm tube)
  • March-FX (FFP, 34mm tube)
  • March Compact (SFP, 30mm tube)
  • March Fixed power (SFP, 30mm tube)
  • March-F (FFP, 30mm tube)
  • March GENESIS (FFP)
The March BR Scopes have an innovative internal design to prevent unintentional shift of the POA. This design philosophy has been incorporated in the development of all March scopes. In addition to a superior mechanical design, March BR Scopes are fitted with high quality extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses. These lenses provide greatly improved image resolution, even under high magnification.

March Fixed power (SFP, 30mm tube)

D60EV52 (MOA, Normal)

Normal Model (Non illuminated)

March Fixed Power "High Master" 40x-60x52mm EP zoom
The March EP zoom 40x-60x52mm is based on the well regarded and match winning 36x-55x52mm EPZ scope. It has increased magnification and the same Super ED lens and high refractive glass as the 48x52mm fixed scope, with the added advantage of external zoom adjustment to absolutely guarantee zero POA shift, essential for benchrest and competition shooting. The High Master Lens System has 2 Super ED lens elements within its lens system. By using Super ED lens elements, we can suppress chromatic aberration even more than with ED lenses and thus produce a sharper image with greater contrast, while still having a strong scope.

This 40-60x52 EP Zoom scope has a 1.5 magnification ratio zoom ocular lens. Basically a 55x fixed focus scope is magnified with an eyepiece in the range of 40- 60x. You are looking at the same image as through a fixed scope. Essentially this is a fixed scope and we guarantee zero POA shift. Please note that the ocular lens extends when changing the magnification. The weight is 680g(23.9oz).

・SFP scope in MOA
・30mm diameter body
・52mm objective lens
・High Master lens system (Super ED lenses)
・Side focus 10 yard - infinity
・Scope body fully machined from aluminum ingot
・All Japanese metal parts with no plastic part except for minimum essentials such as an insulator
・Argon gas filled for internal stability
・Top quality multi lens coating where the transmittance is very near 100%
・Water repellent lens coating


D60EV52 (MOA, Normal)

1/8 MOA Type

1 Click Adjustment : 1/8 MOA (0.13inch @100yds)
10 MOA turret revolution (10.47inch @100yds)


Technical Data

Low High
Magnification 40x 60x
Effective Lens Diameter 52mm
Body Tube Diameter 30mm
Exit Pupil 1.24mm
Field of View (real) degree 0.49° 0.44°
ft/100yd 2.6ft 2.5ft
m/100m 0.85m 0.77m
Eye Relief 71-89mm
1 Click Adjustment 1/8MOA
Elevation Travel 60MOA
Windage Travel 40MOA
Focus Distance 10yd - infinity
Reticle CH
In the box Leather Caps (Objctive and Eyepice)
MD disk
Lens Cloth
Scope Size A 374-397mm (14.72-15.63inch)
size B 162mm (6.38inch)
C 60mm (2.36inch)
D 41mm (1.61inch)
E 126mm (4.96inch)
F 86-109mm (3.39-4.29inch)
G 70mm (2.76inch)
H 55mm (2.17inch)
Weight 680g (23.9oz)