Announcement of the long awaited March-X 8-80×56 High Master Wide Angle X Majesta Scope

Posted 12/27/2022

Deon Optical has announced its latest offering in long range, high magnification precision riflescopes; the March-X 8-80×56 High Master Wide Angle X Majesta Scope (X stands for Shuriken lock turrets). This scope has the highest magnification & zoom ratio in the world up to the present day and with the outstanding image quality we have named March-X 8-80×56 High Master Wide Angle X as “Majesta”. This SFP riflescope was designed with input from long-time F-Class competitors as well as other competitive shooters in the USA, UK, and Australia with the goal of dominating the field of long range, high magnification precision riflescopes. This goal was achieved by combining three features in this riflescope: (1) high magnification, (2) ultra-wide field of view and, (3) the mirage-resistant Super ED High Master lens system. The March-X 8-80×56 HM WA X Majesta is truly a game changer for long range high precision riflescope optics introducing the wide field of view and highest image purity from 8x all the way to 80x. The Super ED High Master lens system is legendary for taming the shimmer (mirage) that degrades image quality at long distances. This combination of optical features provides a majestic view of the target to the eye of the shooter. The new bicolor scope, dark grey body with black turrets, gives a luxurious look.

Measuring 420mm (16.5 inches) in length, and weighing 1140g (40.21oz), the Majesta is the industry’s highest magnification riflescope at 80x, with the widest zoom range (8-80x). The minimum focus distance is 10 yards (9.1m) and is adjusted using the side focus dial. The Majesta will be available in two models: an MOA version, and a MIL version. The MOA version will have an elevation range of 66MOA and a windage range of 36MOA.  The adjustment knobs will have 10 MOA per revolution with 1/8MOA clicks. The MIL version will have an elevation range of 19MIL and a windage range of 10MIL. The adjustment knobs will have 5 MIL per revolution with 0.05MIL clicks. The illuminated versions will feature a 6-position illumination control on the side-focus dial. Press the central button to turn on or off the illumination, which can be easily adjusted to 6 intensities, and this setting is remembered when the illumination is turned off. The control dials on both models are oversized for fine control with large, easy-to-read numbers. The windage dial has numbers for left and right adjustments clearly defined.  The windage and elevation dials will feature the new Shuriken locking mechanism with clearly visible settings, and the elevation dial will have a 0-set feature that can be operated with a coin.


The wide-angle eyepiece is 25 degree compared to the regular 20 degree and provides 125% field of view (FOV) expansion at all magnifications. The FOV runs from 16.4ft(8x) to 1.64ft(80x) at 100 yards; 5.45m(8x) to 0.54m(80x) at 100m. To the eye of the shooter, this increase is equivalent to 156% in terms of field of view area, which is 156% increase at any magnification. The shooter is presented with a much larger magnified picture of the target and its surroundings, eliminating the tunneling effect inherent in high-magnification long range optics. This majestic vista helps the competitor identify the conditions at the target thus allowing for last second adjustments. It also helps to identify the target and reduce the chances of crossfire. The hunter and the target shooter will also benefit from this huge increase in the magnified field of view by increasing their awareness of the surrounding area at the target.


The March-X 8-80×56 HM WA X Majesta features the High Master Lens system, which uses two Super ED lens elements along with high refractive glass to provide an image that is virtually free of chromatic aberration (CA), with brilliant popping colors and superb contrast. The Super ED lenses retard the image quality (IQ) degradation brought on by the atmospheric phenomenon known as “mirage”. This capability was further enhanced by the optical engineers at DEON in the Majesta to allow the use of the highest magnification in bad conditions. The Super ED lenses of the High Master lens system reveal more of the mirage, while minimizing the attendant IQ degradation.  These qualities allow the shooter to be aware of the conditions down range while still being able to place the reticle with surgical precision on the target, thanks to the high magnification of the March Majesta.


The March Majesta has been extensively tested at various venues and competitions around the world for several months. At the European F-Class Championship held in September 2022, Gary Costello shot with the prototype of March-X 8-80×56 HMWA X Majesta scope. During some of the matches the weather was so bad the visibility was almost zero however he could continue shooting as he could see the target with the prototype. Gary finished third, but the first, second, and third places were very close, with less than one point separating the first and third places. Tim Vaught, winner of 2022 USA F-Class Nationals Long Range (1000 yards) that took place in Phoenix, AZ in October 2022, used a prototype of the March Majesta throughout the competition. He reported running the Majesta at 75x to 80x during the entire competition, regardless of the conditions, even in periods of bad “mirage”. The wide field of view allowed him to monitor the conditions at the target and at 80x; the FOV is wide enough to show one half regulation NRA LR1 target on either size of the shooter’s target. We would also like to express special thanks to Denys Beauchemin (USA) and Stuart Elliott (Australia) for conducting several intense testing and providing us with multiple feedback.


Like all other March riflescopes, the March-X 8-80×56 HM WA X Majesta is completely designed and built by hand in Japan by DEON Optical Corporation, using all Japanese parts (inside and outside). No internal part is made of plastic excepting the few parts that cannot be made of metal or glass because of the function they serve; for example, an insulator for the lighted reticle mechanism. The parts we select for March Scopes are all top quality even in Japan where we have high standards. Scope bodies are manufactured by machining from solid aluminum bar stock discarding nearly 90%. All our March scopes are immensely strong to endure any severe conditions. They are Argon-filled for internal stability and are fully weather-resistant and waterproof to at least 4 meters, and have passed impact tests of up to 1000G. And then March Scopes which have passed 20 inspection items can be shipped out.


The March-X 8-80×56 HM WA X Majesta will be available to order in March 2023. Thank you for your continued support!

Product page: https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d80hv56wtixgr/ (MOA reticle)

                        https://marchscopes.com/scopes/d80hv56wtimlxgr/ (MIL reticle)

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